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GBK Music - V1.5 - last update 19th Dec 2014
In collaboration with Softology, we have developed a Musical software that will make it easy for musician's to find chords, scales and help in all other aspects of music. To download the latest zipped version click here or exe file click here

Displays up to 6 Voicing per chord for Guitar and 3 voicing for keyboard
Listen to Guitar Arpeggio / Strum
Displays / hear scale for chord (Guitar and Bass)
Listen to keyboard chord variations
Displays between 30-33 variations for each chord key
Displays / Hear note per fretboard (Guitar and Bass neck) and piano by mouse-over/click/ and by sweeping the mouse over any instrument you can hear the sounds
Displays main root note of chord in scale view (Guitar and Bass neck)
Displays main notes / intervals of a chord within scale
Tune Guitar / Bass
Option to save last chord viewed
Option to save sound for instruments
View 4 string or 5 string bass neck
Option to hear 2 or 3 instruments together with option to change volume and panning - option also to change bass note in 'Multiple Instruments' plus Auto-Play added in the same section.
Left-handed views for guitar and bass

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