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JAZZ ROCK / FUSION / GROOVE Latest Songs: Cloud Mountain / A Park in Oakland / Mr. Vacation (Jan / Feb 2022)
Don't Stop Now Alexis Before Now Basement
Crumbs Cuzo Goes Dancing Day Gone Dream Monique
Uturn Dreamtime Warrior Forcast Is Heavy Night Dance
African Snow Intro Joe's Weather Market People
Steps of the Sahara Woman Mr Cakeman No(w) You Know OhOh
Rainbow Parade Ray In Space She's A Weird City Side On
Whispering Islands Stern Control Surfin' Cowboy Take A Break
Funny People There You Go Again Two Night Stand Unwind
Water For Walter What Day Morning What To Say What's Normal
Where's John Writers Crisis Harbour Night Visit Yesterday Night
Which Way Goes Cake Town Day Song Stern Control
:Pino Wakes Up No(w) You Know Song For Kevin Is It Five?
Separatio Somewhere Gone Waiting It Was Then
Next Step Up After The Event Take Me There Sun City
Lady With The Snake Eyes Night Visitors Close Up Fade Night Affairs
What Comes Next Secret Night Passengers This And That
: Walk The Talk The Coffee Break Song    


Latest Watch The Time (Nov 2021)

It Just Happens :Sky Is Blue Feel So Lazy The Life I've Had
A Christmas Song Dance For Me Don't Go There Falling
Folded Letters Happiness 99th Theme For A Love Song Heaven
Hero Of The Dawn Moon In My Room Is That You? Is There An Issue
Is That You Driving Mavis? Just Another Day (In Paradise) Just Walkin' Missed You There
New York Ball Game 1923 On A Plate Pixies In My Head Poor Joe
President Of War Seven Day Blues She Doesn't Care Sisters
Head Turner Thank You All The Lord's Way There's A Morning
Third Show Street Trial Of Bags Weekend Woman Blues Why Do I
Woman Of Mine Wonderland Ziltch Town Blues This Other Day
Need a License B Gone Watching Commercials Outside My Head
Don't You Think I Know Maybe Catch The Blues Train Just Walkin'
Sometimes * Never Looking Back Change My Mind Love You (More (Than I should)
Make A Date      

LATIN - Latest song Baile del Sol de Medianoche (March 2021)  
Latin Dream Dancers Midnight Carouse' Moonlight Rendezvous Pete's Bolero
Rosa Negra Serenade Siesta In Pandemonium Siesta In Blue

WORLD MUSIC Hell Mad (Sept 2021) One Too Many (August 2021) Ludmila P1 & P2 (Oct 2021)
Storm Mirage Three Moons Night Sea
Camel Ride Tribute    

3D Diffusion Limited Aggregation 3D Gravity Simulation Archean Cellular Automata Julia Set Fractal Orbit Traps
Mandelbrot Set Fractal Zooms (CPM) Mandelbrot Set Fractal Zooms (DEM) Reaction Diffusion Video Feedback Simulation 1
Video Feedback Simulation 2      

Traffic (Words and Music by Dave Carter) Dave Carter: Vocals, Peter McDowell: Slide guitar, Paul Redmond: drums, Ray Dulski: Rhythm guitar and bass

* (Sometimes) I used the verse melody from a tune called 'RIO' by Mile Nesmith